Down at Wallaby Ranch in Davenport, FL doing a landing clinic sponsored by Wills Wing for their annual “demo days” and anniversary celebration event.  We had favorable weather and filmed landings this morning, with the first of two classroom sessions after breakfast was served.  Tomorrow morning looks like rain, but we’ll be doing the second classroom session after breakfast.

And I even snuck a flight in this afternoon!  My dad and I towed up at the end of the day for a quick flight together and mini-photo session to document the event.


I stuck the GoPro Hero 3+ on my dad’s glider, and then we did some close flying together over the Ranch.

6k Winter Day

Fun day of flying, mostly with Lindsey- although he and I didn’t connect much aloft.

It was truly the “best day of the year”, which isn’t saying a whole lot since it’s only March.  I was able to break through 6k ft MSL for the first time in 2014… which ain’t a bad day considering launch is only 1380′ and the LZ is 340′ MSL.  It was cold… very, very cold… and even colder up high!


Climbing up to the North of launch, sky filled with beautiful clouds.



Winds aloft were light so I was able to drift way back.  Here is a good look at Lake Maratanza from around 6k behind Ellenville Airport.


Hopping on this cloud-street on my way to the LZ.  Even at about 6:30 the valley was booming.  I set up to land once, but encountered a massive thermal at 700 ft and decided to turn in it until it passed so I could land more safely.  In just a few 360′s I was higher than launch again!

Start ‘em young

Scarlett is already taking quite a liking to hang gliding!


And a cool video by Ellenville pilot “Jimmy D” from flying 3/21/14

Cowboy Up

Spring is in the air and I’m getting the itch to freestyle again…
Here are some memories from a session last summer with the most excellent Bart and Tiki at Cowboy Up hang gliding, near Jackson WY.


Baby Heinie

Jumping on this “Throwback Thursday” bandwagon!




He’s not pictured, but the brand of beer is a dead-giveaway as to which legendary hang gliding icon was visiting the Voight house when this picture was taken… Who can guess?

Scottie smiles

Had a great hike with Scarlett up at Sam’s Point today. Man that smile just melts my heart!


Flying in a winter-wonderland

Pilot is Paul Voight taking a winter-wonderland flight in Ellenville, NY

Flying from the road ramp

Finished the video edit from last Monday (2/17/14) flying off the Rt 52 road-ramp… it was a short flight with one good thermal, a glide down to the doctor’s house and back to the LZ with enough altitude for one maneuver- barely.  Snow in the LZ was knee-deep and all landings had to be no-steppers.  Enjoy!


Road Ramp Flying from Ryan Voight on Vimeo.

Road Rampin’

With all the snow we’ve had lately, the road up to the Ellenville launch is impassible. Not a problem, though, because there is a lower “road ramp” right off of a scenic overlook on Rt 52 that was built for just such occasions.

People have been launching off of Rt 52 long before the current Ellenville launch even existed, and there have been a number of ramps built and re-built over the many years of rich flying history in Ellenville, NY. But I had never launched from the road ramp!

I’ve never been much of a winter flier. Hang gliding is a much better summer activity, and as an avid skier any time I bundle up to brave the cold and snow I usually find myself headed up a chairlift with two planks on my feet. But after six years in Utah working full-time winters at a ski resort, I’m a little skied out. Plastic boots day in and day out are rough on the feet! But with the gap in my life created by not doing much skiing, I’ve fallen back to flying when I have time for recreation.

So, with a good weather forecast- despite a high of 17 degrees- I put on every bit of clothing I own and went out to hop the road ramp for the first time. The pics tell the rest of the story :-)




It was a great flight with Kenny, Steve B, and John and Gary came down from Albany.  Great day in the sky!

Smokin’ Aerobatics